Easy 5 Step Process of Trademark Registration


Information Form

Tell our executives about your brand name(s) and nature of business.



Also, provide us with the date from which you have been using your brand name.


Class Identification

We will identify the total no. of classes applicable for your trademark.



Our experts will Search and analyse the trademark applications already filed.



After reviewing all the applications in the Trademark portal, we provide the report.

  • Check Brand Name Availability before applying for Trademark

  • Similar Applications cannot be granted Trademark Registration

  • Must before filing of Trademark Application Online

  • Get instant free search report on call itself with results

  • Get a dedicated service manager for your requirement

Trademark Registration Service Package

  • Free Online Search Report

  • Online Trademark Registration Application Filing

  • Permanent Application Number

  • Government Acknowledgement Forms & Receipts

  • Start using 'TM' Symbol alongside your Brand Name

  • Trademark Objection Reply Filing & handling

  • Monthly Tracking of your Application

  • End-to-End Trademark Registration Service

Know Everything About Trademark Search

The Registrar of Trademarks has provided with a portal to check the availability of trademark before filing the application. Checking this portal thoroughly is our responsibility before applying for your trademark registration. Our experience and knowledge helps identify any similar applications already present on the portal. If this stage is not done properly, the application can be refused.

Benefits of Trademark Search Report

Completely Free Trademark Search Report

Availability check with Government Database

Assurance to apply for Trademark

Expected time frame to complete the process of Trademark Registration

Report on future hurdles to be faced in the process

Estimate of the complete cost to be incurred to get the Trademark Registered

Importance of Trademark Search

Gives legal opinion about feasibility of trademark

Provides all data about already applied or registered trademarks

Limits losses on cost and time to be incurred during trademark registration

Helps finalize brand name via checking the availability of trademark to be registered

Do It Yourself [DIY] Trademark Search Process

The Government of India has provided with a portal to search for availability of brand names to be trademarked. Visit the link below to check the availability of your brand name on the Government of India's Portal or Fill the Form in the Banner above to let us do it for you for Free!

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We have been working in the field of Intellectual Property Rights in India since 2013. Though, our office is located in Pune, Maharashtra, we have served clients from all over India and abroad.

We have successfully established our goodwill in the market even after facing competition from heavily funded organizations due to our discipline and policies which we have evolved through experience in this industry.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We have knowledge about the links provided by the Government of India to portals providing information about the same. We also have registrations to the online portal of Trademarks which gives us immediate access to the live database of already applied and registered trademarks in India.

After obtaining the required information, and if the government portal is working smoothly, we take not more than 15 to 30 minutes to prepare the report.

There are two things that need to be done post obtaining of the trademark search report. If the report is negative, you will have to suggest a different brand name or we will suggest you possible alterations in the already provided one. If the report is positive, then we provide you with the formats of documents to be prepared to go ahead with the trademark registration process.

There is a preliminary ‘Trademark Info Form’ created by us to get all the required information for the purpose of filing your trademark application. We send you this form via email and you can resend it back to us via email itself after filling all the required columns.

The application for registering your trademark is applied with the IPINDIA Trademark Registry of India on their online portal – IPINDIAONLINE.

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