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Secure the design of your product in 2 or 3 dimensions. This feature of intellectual property is an extended version of the Copyright. If you are bound to make more than 50 Copies of your copyrighted work then you need to secure your design under design patent registration. This will secure the visual appeal of your product in the open market and will restrict your competitors from copying it.

Rs 5,000/-
  • Per Application
  • For Individual / Natural Person Applicants
Rs 8,000/-
  • Per Application
  • For Company, Firm and Organizations

How To Register Design Patent Online ?


Obtaining Information
We provide you with the preliminary information form. You can fill it online and send it back to us via email. This gives us information about the design to be registered and quote you accordingly



We request you to make the payment into any of our bank account through bank transfer or online payment, whichever is suitable to you


Authorization Document
We provide you with the draft for preparing of the authorization document. This document authorizes us to represent you at the trademarks office for getting your brand name registered


Drafting of Application
We draft your application and provide you with the draft for your approval. You can go through it and send us your approval via email itself


Filing of your Application
We file the application and provide you with the government acknowledgement receipts and forms


  • Design Diary Number
  • Government Acknowledgement Receipts
  • End-to-End Service
  • Objection Handling
  • Online Design Application Tracking


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  • Right to make copies of the design
  • Security of monetary gains associated with design created by you
  • Right to stop misuse of the design
  • Intellectual property as an asset, which can be sold
  • Validity of 60 Years posthumous
  • Protection of consumer choice associated with the design


Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Design Registration? And what is the validity of the Design Registration?

A design registration is the provision under the Design Act, 2000 to register a product design in order to attach intellectual property rights to the design. This registration of a particular design enables the owner of the design to stop anyone else from manufacturing and selling products of that particular design. A Design Registration is valid for a period of 10 years from the date of application. This can be renewed for additional period of 5 years.

What can be registered under Design Registration?

Any product design two dimensional or three dimensional or in both forms can be registered under Design Registration. A design registration covers only the shape, configuration, ornament or pattern or a combination and composition of lines and color of that particular design. The design should be new and original.

What are the benefits of Design Registration?

A Design registration gives exclusive rights to the holder of the design registration to be able to apply that particular design to any article and stop anyone else from using the design till the time the registration is valid.

What is required to apply for a Design Registration?

We will require images of the design from 6 angles i.e. Top, Bottom, Front, Back, Left Side and Right Side having white as background. There are also some more documents required which our executives will guide you while applying for the registration.

How much time does it take to get a Design Registration?

As per government guidelines a design application should take not more than 6 months to get registered.

What if someone else applies for a registration of a similar or same design after you have applied?

The Design Acts exercises the first to file rule which enables the registration of the design to the person who has filed it first.


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