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Process for obtaining an Import Export Code in India!

Any individual or company having a PAN card and a current account in any of the banks in India is eligible for obtaining the Import Export Code. We at SunBrio Consultancy help you in obtaining the same. Let us understand the process in detail. Firstly, we initiate the document preparation for obtaining of the IEC. All the required documents…

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How to get legal protection for your Brand Name?

A Brand name is the name you are using for your business, products or service. It represents the identity of your business, products or service to the customers in the market. There is goodwill that gets associated with it over a period of time, and customers start relating to it as a standard for the business, product or service. This…

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What is Trademark Classification? How to decide the right Trademark class?

The Trademark Act 1999 was introduced to enable trademark protection keeping in mind the modern day ways of doing business. Under the Trademarks act, applications are divided into a total of 45 classes. This number was 42 previously and has been updated to 45 as per the NICE classification system acceptable globally. Trademark classification means a class of goods or…

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Stages in the process of trademark registration?

Once a trademark is filed, it has to go through numerous stages to finally be registered. These stages are governed by the World Intellectual Property Organization and all the countries being a part of it have to adhere to these laws. This has helped secure intellectual property around the world in a fair manner. Once the trademark is…

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APEDA – Export Promotion Council

The Agricultural and Processed Food Products Export Development Authority (APEDA) was formed under the Agricultural and Processed Food Products Export Development Authority Act by the Government of India under the motion passed by the Parliament in December, 1985. APEDA successfully substituted for the earlier similar establishment named as the Processed Food Export Promotion Council (PFEPC). The scheduled products whose…

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How to start a company with a Foreign Director?

In today’s internet and global era the world has come closer and has become a single place to do business. In such times opportunities knock at odd hours and many a times foreigners coming to visit India or having contacts via different mediums of communication want to open up businesses in India with the help of a local partner. At…

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Cross Trademark Search – The right way to conduct a trademark search

In our previous blogs we have explained in detail the process of conducting a Trademark Search . In case it is not possible to conduct a search by the applicant we also provide a Free Search Report . As per the Trademark Manual issued by the Trademark Registry which has noted down the best…

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Why does your salary have so many deductions?

Every salaried employee waits for that day of the month when the salary gets credited to his account and is furious every time at the employer for deducting amounts in the name of taxes. It is easy to blame the employer but if you look closer the employer is not at fault and is himself under the knife if the…

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