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Cross Trademark Search – The right way to conduct a trademark search

In our previous blogs we have explained in detail the process of conducting a Trademark Search . In case it is not possible to conduct a search by the applicant we also provide a Free Search Report . As per the Trademark Manual issued by the Trademark Registry which has noted down the best…

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Why does your salary have so many deductions?

Every salaried employee waits for that day of the month when the salary gets credited to his account and is furious every time at the employer for deducting amounts in the name of taxes. It is easy to blame the employer but if you look closer the employer is not at fault and is himself under the knife if the…

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AEPC – Apparel Export Promotion Council Importance and Benefits

AEPC was incorporated in 1978 and is the official body to provide assistance for exporters of garments from India and importers, international buyers from other countries who source garments from India. AEPC started with one office, and has 40 offices now. AEPC provides its members with statistical market data, informational advice, workforce and technical guidance. Members get the chance to…

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Reporting product IPR infringement on Flipkart

How to Report a product being sold on Flipkart, but is copying or infringing on your Intellectual Property Rights like Trademarks and Copyrights?

Online business is the next boom of the world. People from every corner of the country sell their product to customers all over the country. In this opportunity, comes great competition. Competition sometimes uses mal-practices like infringement…

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The right time to get your brand name Trademarked in India

Starting a company and making it successful is the dream of every entrepreneur. While achieving his dream, he ends up creating a very beautiful product, which is the brand name. This brand name represents his idea and carries his legacy. In today’s fast world, a brand name is on everybody’s tongue the next minute. The world has been connected faster…

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Time taken for Trademark Registration in India can be reduced with the expedited examination of the application

In India, there are approximately 2 to 3 lakh trademark applications pending to be registered. It is almost impossible to get the trademark registered within a year’s time. Due to its technicality and legal aspect, it is very important that every application be analyzed and scrutinized properly before any type of registration is granted for the same. If anything wrong…

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Trademark Government Fees in India more than Doubled!

The Trademark Registry in its circular dated 6th March 2017, has introduced the New Trademark Rules and has increased the Trademark Fees more than Double from Rs. 4,000/- to Rs. 9,000/- with effect from 6th March 2017. But there is still a chance, to promote small businesses the Trademark Registry has increased the Trademark Fees from Rs. 4,000/- to Rs.…

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Know if your trademark application is going to be rejected by the registrar on the following grounds:

Registrar can reject the trade mark application under Sec 9 on absolute ground on following basis:

  • Section9(1) of the Act containing provisions relating to absolute grounds for refusal for registration limit the registration of those trademarks emblems which can be without someone of a type person or which consist entirely of emblems or warning signs which can also serve…

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