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How to Search Trademark Availability on Government Portal in India?

The Government of India has provided with a portal to search the database of applied and registered trademarks in India. What is the importance of this? Well, it is the most important step before applying for trademark registration in India. Trademark Search helps you save your time and money by not applying for an already applied or registered trademark…

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Brand Names denied Trademark Registration in India

Deciding a brand name can be a very tiring task especially when there are so many brand names already registered and being used in India and abroad. As per the Trademarks act there are a few clauses which do not make it possible for some words to be registered as Trademarks and get exclusive rights claimed upon. We shall…

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Licensing of Trademarks

As per the Trademarks Act revision in 1999 to match the needs of the modern methods of trade a provision of enabling proprietors of trademarks to license their trademark to other users has been made possible. In legal terms the person or entity which purchases this license from the registered proprietor is called as the Registered User. The Trademarks…

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Trademark registration of a Domain Name in India

At the time of deciding on a brand name we usually check if the domain name is available. Most of the times when a domain name is available in the .com or the .in extension the brand names are positive for a trademark registration, but this might not be the case always. As per the Trademark Act domain names…

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Export Promotion Schemes in India

Promotional Measures in Foreign Trade Policy Exports help a country show its importance to the world. It reflects the amount of demand for its currency amongst other countries. If a country’s exports are high, that gives rise in demand for its currency, which ultimately helps it import items at a cheaper rate. Thus exports play a crucial role in the…

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Income Tax Returns filing and disadvantages if not done before due date:

The Government of India requires Income Tax returns to be filed by every PAN bearing individual or Organization after each financial year ending. The year in which the income tax is evaluated is called as the Assessment Year. Different due dates depending upon the type of Individual or Organization have been set by the IT department. Delay in filing…

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What is the legal support for the owner of a Copyrighted Work?

In India, the Copyright act lays down a set of rules, regulations and remedies for acting upon infringement of someone’s copyrighted work. These laws however only apply once the ownership or authorship of the work is proven. This can be done easily with the help of a Copyright Registration Certificate which we at SunBrio help our clients obtain. In…

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Company Registration made easier with SPICe

In another effort by the Ministry of Corporate Affairs to facilitate ease of doing business the Registrar of Companies has introduced Simplified Proforma for Incorporating Company Electronically (SPICe). This effort is said to be implemented keeping in mind the problems and difficulties faced by applicants applying for any company registration. Previously an effort had been made to simplify company registrations…

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