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The online process of obtaining an import export code in India had two methods earlier. One of it consisted of uploading the documents online and sending their hard copies to the DGFT via courier. But the courier service which can deliver documents to government offices is only India Post. We all know how efficient India post is in delivering the…

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Many trademark applications we’re abandoned in the month of March 2016. The High Court of New Delhi had however brought a stay on the abandonment of these applications. There was still ambiguity as to what the future of these abandoned applications will be. Generally, when the objections on a trademark application are raised, a notice is sent to…

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So, you have come up with many brand names for your upcoming start-up venture, but still aren’t sure which to choose. Here are a few things that will help you narrow down on the brand name that is actually adoptable by you for your upcoming start-up. For starters, you would want a brand name that has been taken by no…

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Everything you need to know about Copyrights in India!

We humans keep creating artworks of various kinds. We put time and effort in its ideation, creation and presentation. After having put so much effort into it, we definitely want some kind of legal protection that will secure our authorship with the created work. In today’s densely populated times, it is very difficult to try to prove who the author…

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How to start Import Export Business in India?

Let’s start with the basic definition of importing and exporting. Any product or service brought into the country is called as importing and the same if sold to a buyer from outside the country, and delivered to his country, is called as exporting. The business which consists of importing and exporting of products and services is known as import export…

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Who can apply for an Import Export Code?

Import Export Code is the license required to import or export, products or services from the country of India. In short, it is required to do the business of importing and exporting, of products and services in the country of India. Now, as we discussed earlier, it is required for businesses to carry out their role of importing and exporting…

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Difference Between Private Limited Company and Limited Liability Partnership in India

Selection of business entity is the major aspect to be taken into mind by an entrepreneur before starting any new business. There are various options available but one needs to know major basic differences between the options available. The most popular among such options are establishing a private limited company or a limited liability partnership. Following comparison will be useful…

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Updated Document Checklist for Import Export Code in India

With the implementation of mandatory digital signature, the overall requirement for documents while applying for import export code in India has reduced drastically. This new move has fast-tracked the IEC obtaining procedure. Please find below the new list of documents according to the type of applicant.

Proprietor (attested by Authorized Signatory of the Organization)

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