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In the world of intellectual property, know what a trademark stands for!

Trademark is a visible image which may be a phrase signature, call, tool, label, numerals or mixture of colors utilized by one undertaking on items or offerings or other articles of commerce to distinguish it from different comparable goods or offerings originating from an extraordinary undertaking.

Who benefits from a trademark?

·Registered Proprietor: The Registered Proprietor of a trademark…

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Why is Trademark Registration important in India?

When in an enterprise undertaking you're making to construct your own brand, to prevail you need to be one of a kind. Either provide a completely dynamic service or product or go for differentiation because there's only a lot of the marketplace share that everyone has their eyes set on. In this respect, it is critical to understand how you…

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How Does the Court Decide if your Trademark is similar to somebody else's Trademark?

The foremost criteria for determining confusing or deceptive similarity is whether A common person will be confused or not, which are further determined by the

  • Phonetic similarity of the Trademark,
  • The Getup
  • Color combination
  • Design and artwork of the label
  • Packing material etc.

Deception can arise with regard to:


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