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Things To Remember While Naming Your Brand Trademarks

Your Trademark is your brand identifier. You can trademark anything from sounds to smells to colors to holograms. In essence, your trademark is just every other manner your brand is recognized in the market.

  1. Avoid Generic Words:

                         You shouldn’t brand your dairy product with the…

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Things To Know For Entrepreneurs Regarding Trademarks

Small business proprietors have a lot of decisions to make. From finding out what's the high-quality business entity type for their project to identifying wherein to purchase workplace resources, decision-making can be overwhelming. As a result, proprietors may additionally forget about, or delay questioning, approximately a way to shield their intellectual property. Registered trademarks can be particularly beneficial to…

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How to avoid getting an Objection on your Trademark Application

Often before beginning a business, we pay a lot of attention to the viability of really getting a Trademark effectively over the Brand name. Trademark filing and securing Trademark Registration is altogether a distinct recreation.

In case your brand is actually specific, there might be a chance that you can protect the trademark registration just within 7-8 months (but…

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Criteria for getting a Trademark Registration in India

Trademark registration is an imp mechanism through which a brand may be protected from unwanted use and infringement.  Trademark registration method in India has been simplified by means of the Government and Entrepreneurs can now effortlessly attain trademark registration for his or her brands within some months.

Any individual – Indian National or Foreign National can easily register…

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There are some points to know about Brand name and Trademark Registration

To ensure that the originality and uniqueness of the product are maintained, it is essential to follow the path of brand and trademark registration. Such registration protects against the threats of piracy and dilution.

Brand Registration

Branding is necessary for every manufacturing or service providing business. A brand could be a business name, domain, logo, product name, or tagline. In…

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Protect your work with Copyrights

What exactly is a copyright? Literary works, musicals, artwork, sculptures and other creative works are generally concern to copyright protection. A copyright protects the shape of expression, as opposed to the subject depending on the expression. There must be some element of creativity and originality inside the paintings.

What can I do with my copyright? The proprietor of a copyright has…

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Business Models for Start-Ups

Sine start-ups have become an exhortation, it is imperative to delve deep into various business models applicable for Start-Ups

Marketplace model - A market is wherein or greater types of customers meet to transact. Typically the market derives its revenue via what is called a marketplace rake, normally a percentage of transacted sales on the market. Instead of a…

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Ideal Business Model- Steps To Be Embraced

 In order to have an opposite business model, the following steps need to be espoused

1) Assessment:

                           To determine what will make an enterprise model paintings, one wants to assess all the factors surrounding the enterprise. There is a want to peep into internal and outside environments…

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