The Right Time to get your Brand Name Trademarked in India

Starting a company and making it successful is the dream of every entrepreneur. While achieving his dream, he ends up creating a very beautiful product, which is the brand name. This brand name represents his idea and carries his legacy. In today’s fast world, a brand name is on everybody’s tongue the next minute. The world has been connected faster than ever; hence things travel through the media even faster. This brand name is what will have perpetual succession. It will go down in the books of history if it is big enough. A company’s success is also dependent on the uniqueness of his brand name with respect to the image it has created, the product or service it represents, the clients it serves and the people who created it. Every brand name carries a unique story behind it and has emotions and efforts lined up with it.

Now, imagine your beautiful created product – brand name – being given someone else’s ownership without your consent. Devastating right? It truly is. The biggest success of a company is when it creates its own identity in the market. This identity is represented through its brand name. Now, when a company starts its business, it is new. No one knows about it hence it has to spend a lot to reach people. Once it reaches people, it starts creating awareness about its existence. It starts to garner goodwill and market presence. This results in creation of a valued brand name in the market. There is money and effort that is associated with this creation. Securing it becomes the utmost priority for any organization. Now, when should one really secure its brand name? You may think, that once you have garnered a good share from the market, and created goodwill and valued brand in the market, should be the right time to secure it. Well, you are not wrong, but you are not right either.

As per the Trademarks Act, your brand name will be given trademark registration by your name, but it will attract unnecessary legal proceedings just in case there is someone else who has already registered the same. Nothing wrong in it, but this legal proceeding will be hefty if the opponent knows the real value of your brand name. He won’t accept giving up his registration or allowing you to use it freely as he knows how dear the brand name is to you now. This creates problems for big companies. The bigger you are, the more fish try to pound on you. The best time to get a Trademark Registration for your Brand Name is when you decide it. This is the moment when eureka strikes you and you finalize on a Brand Name and say that this will be the name of your company, product or service. This is when you should get a Trademark Search done as it tells you if someone else has already registered it. This gives you leverage for changing the name without having to face any legal issues. You can then adopt a name which is completely available for registration and is not infringing on anyone else’s brand name. This is called the best start, with no problems anticipated in the future. Thus, if you have finalized on a brand name,

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