Stages in the process of trademark registration?

Once a trademark is filed, it has to go through numerous stages to finally be registered. These stages are governed by the World Intellectual Property Organization and all the countries being a part of it have to adhere to these laws. This has helped secure intellectual property around the world in a fair manner. Once the trademark is applied the status is ‘New Application’ after which comes the Sent to Vienna codification stage which assigns codes for non-text applications in accordance with the Vienna codification. Once the application is in order in all sorts of legality, the status is changed to Formalities Check Pass. In case the status is Formalities check fail, then the reason for the status is given by the ministry, and the required rectification is filed. Contact us to get the rectification filed within the prescribed time limit. Now, the status changes to marked for exam, which means it is queued for examination officer to review the application. He may either object it, or send it to the next stage. If your application is objected, contact us to file a legal reply and get the objection cleared. If the examination officer is not satisfied with the reply, or is not authorized to clear that type of objection, can send the application for hearing, wherein you will have to appoint a local lawyer who will represent you at the trademarks court. Now, the application may either be refused or sent to the next stage. The next stage is advertised before acceptance, where in the application is advertised in the trademarks journal for a stipulated time. If no body opposes the application it is sent to the final stage or registration. In case anybody opposes the application, then the status changes to ‘opposed’. This leads to a court hearing where in the opponent has to prove his points for opposition and you have to counter them. Once this process is done, your application is registered or refused. The abandoned status is for applications who do not file replies with in the stipulated time. Hence, don’t waste more time and contact us immediately to avoid the status to go abandoned, because an abandoned application cannot by any means be revived. Thus is the lifecycle of a trademark application. In case you are facing any difficulties with your application, contact us immediately.

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