Reporting product IPR infringement on Flipkart

How to Report a product being sold on Flipkart, but is copying or infringing on your Intellectual Property Rights like Trademarks and Copyrights?

Online business is the next boom of the world. People from every corner of the country sell their product to customers all over the country. In this opportunity, comes great competition. Competition sometimes uses mal-practices like infringement of intellectual property to misguide the customers and bank on your hard earned goodwill. FLIPKART is the largest online retailer in India. If you are selling your product through flipkart, then you ought to face the competition on it. How can you stand out from this competition, is by adopting a unique intellectual property while presenting your product into the market. This helps your customers identify your products from your competitors and avoid loss of customers to your competition. FLIPKART understands how important it is for you to secure your intellectual property and avoid any infringement of it on its portal. This helps them increase their buyer-seller relationships by providing the most genuine product to its clients, and gain trust from the buyers to buy products on its website. It also assists the seller to trust in FLIPKART and list their products for sale on its website. In order to assist its sellers in identifying any infringement of intellectual property, FLIPKART has laid down the following guidelines to report any infringement of intellectual property on its website. The most important factor here is that the complainant shall possess certification certifying that the intellectual property belongs to him. This can be done by obtaining a Trademark Registration Certificate [] and a Copyright Registration Certificate[] from the Government of India. Once you have it, the next step is to provide the following information to report the infringement to FLIPKART:

  • Description of the goods that have been infringed.
  • Location of the infringed goods on with information like product id, website link of infringers listing on FLIPKART.
  • Your contact details [phone number, email address, postal address]
  • Declaration that you believe the products identified by you are infringing on your intellectual property.
  • Declaration that you have provided correct information about yourself and are the owner of the mentioned intellectual property.
  • Brand name of your trademark
  • Certificates of your intellectual property registrations.

All of the above information needs to be sent to to report the infringement. If FLIPKART finds your claim legit, it will remove or disable access to the infringed products listed on its website. The above information has been obtained from FLIPKART’s terms and conditions page The overall terms and conditions can be obtained from this site

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