How to get legal protection for your Brand Name?

A Brand name is the name you are using for your business, products or service. It represents the identity of your business, products or service to the customers in the market. There is goodwill that gets associated with it over a period of time, and customers start relating to it as a standard for the business, product or service. This goodwill that gets associated with it, needs to be secured. This is where trademarking your brand name comes into place. Trademarking a brand name is obtaining legal protection over its usage in a specific country. Every Government has an office that registers the brand names as trademarks owned by any particular individual, company or group of individuals. This gives those individuals and companies the right to its usage in the market. They can stop anyone else from using the same brand name in the market for the same products or services or business that they are dealing in. This helps them seek legal protection from brand infringement which happens to steal the goodwill from the already established brand names in the market. At SunBrio, we help you get your trademark registered in India. This ensures your legal protection over your brand name. All we require is a few documents authorizing us to represent you at the Trademark Registrar’s Office in India and we will take care of getting the brand name registered for you. It is a legal process to register a trademark and thus has many stages involved in it. As you know, legal procedures take time in India, the normal time required to obtain a certificate of registration is about 12-18 months. But, don’t worry, you can start using the TM symbol alongside your brand name right away and once you are issued the certificate of registration, you can start using the ‘R’ Symbol until the validity of the certificate. Once a trademark is registered, the owner of the trademark gets a certificate from the legal authority, stating his ownership for the trademarked brand name. Its validity is usually 10 years, after which it can be renewed. Once you obtain the certificate, you can file a legal case against anybody who is infringing on your intellectual property. You are given priority as you possess the registration certificate and immediate legal action is taken against the infringer.

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