How to Search Trademark Availability on Government Portal in India?

The Government of India has provided with a portal to search the database of applied and registered trademarks in India. What is the importance of this? Well, it is the most important step before applying for trademark registration in India. Trademark Search helps you save your time and money by not applying for an already applied or registered trademark in India. Once a trademark is registered, nobody else can get the registration of the same trademark in the same class. There is exception to this point, but that attracts a lot of legal hassle. The straight point is, that you should not take any already registered trademark in India, or else you will be stuck in the legal hassles and lose your time and money. Let us show you how you can do the trademark search in India. Kindly note that this is just one of the methods of searching for trademark availability, and we do not take any responsibility for your decisions post the results that you are getting by carrying out this procedure on your own. - is the link to the government’s portal. Once you’re on it, keep the default settings already chosen. Put your brand name in the ‘Wordmark’ section and the class number in the class section as depicted in the following image. Then click on ‘Search’. You will get all the similar brand names already applied or registered. Kindly note that this only shows the exact match of your ‘wordmark’. After obtaining the search result, you can see if the applications are registered, by whom they have been registered, what their validity, their application numbers, and so on. This information can help you research more on the already applied or registered applications. There are also other types of searches to be performed to get 100% assurance before applying for Trademark. Also, it is important to search in the right class of trademarks. Please contact us to get an official Free Trademark Search Report Now!!

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