So, you have come up with many brand names for your upcoming start-up venture, but still aren’t sure which to choose. Here are a few things that will help you narrow down on the brand name that is actually adoptable by you for your upcoming start-up. For starters, you would want a brand name that has been taken by no one else in the world. Okay, that sounds too unrealistic, so you may want to narrow it down to your country. First, you can start with checking the availability of domain names for the brand names that you have come up with. Consider checking both .com and .in domains. If it is positive you can head to the next step. This next step is more of a legal database check, wherein you can check if there is anyone else who has already applied for a trademark in India with the same brand name. This process can be quite complicated, thus you can contact us to get a free trademark search report for the country of India. We have access to the database wherein all the trademark applications are visible, and their statuses as well. With this step we can help you narrow down on the brand name that is available to be trademarked by you. The importance of this step is also to avoid you from making any losses. For example, you might invest in purchasing the domains, forming a company, and any other incurred expenses for building your brand name, to later find out, that the brand name is already trademarked by somebody else, and thus making you give it up. Won’t it be too late then? So you will be stuck in between a legal battle which will take even more money out of your pocket, with no assurance of winning the case. Why risk so much, that too at the start itself? If you are a start-up, then choosing your brand name should be the wisest decision for you to make. Because that is something you can change before you invest in it.  

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