Central Registration Centre for name approvals in the process of company registrations all over India

 The Ministry of corporate affairs has set up a centralized office to issuing name approvals to applications for company registrations all over India. This means that all the company names shall be approved by one office in India. This will help the ROC and MCA simplify the registration procedure and decrease all the confusion and problems previously created. This is a very genius step towards simplifying and speed tracking the company registration process in India. This has given a boost to factors for ease of business in India. With the office for name approval being at one place for all the applications in India, the time taken to obtain name approvals has reduced drastically. This has given the office immense command over its entire procedure. We hope the government keeps coming up with such innovative methods and implements it to other streams as well. None the less, this move is applaud able and needs to be recognized.

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