AEPC – Apparel Export Promotion Council Importance and Benefits

AEPC was incorporated in 1978 and is the official body to provide assistance for exporters of garments from India and importers, international buyers from other countries who source garments from India. AEPC started with one office, and has 40 offices now. AEPC provides its members with statistical market data, informational advice, workforce and technical guidance. Members get the chance to be a part of exhibitions, trade fairs, international market exhibitions, and many such opportunities to display their products to the international buyer. AEPC identifies new emerging markets for apparels and designs a market entry strategies with the trade delegation. AEPC integrates the entire industry. It looks after maintaining a steady supply of skilled manpower for the industry. It helps identify the best countries to obtain machinery from. AEPC hosts the India International Garment Fair, where it displays the finest of garments made in India. More than 350 exhibitors participate to present their haute, exotic, pret, contemporary and such variety of garments. AEPC’s expertise helps the Indian garment manufacturers grow every year with their proficiency, skill and achievements along with international buyers getting the solution to their problem of sourcing garments from India. Some of the key functions of AEPC are:

  • Networking between AEPC members
  • Increasing the exports in volume
  • Adding new export markets for the exporters
  • Maintaining stability in the exports
  • Training and providing skilled manpower to the industry
  • Keeping the benefits of the industry in mind and recommending policy changes for the sector to the Government.

RCMC – Registration Cum Membership Certificate: To be able to obtain an RCMC from the EPC, there are a few pre-requisites for it. The applicant shall be an exporter of garments. He can be a manufacturer or merchant exporter but needs to have met the requirements of the required articles of the bye-laws and regulations. Getting the RCMC will make the organization, individual, firm eligible for availing the export benefits from the Government of India. To obtain the RCMC, you may visit the AEPC’s online page here or contact us on our RCMC registration page here .

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