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Intellectual Property Rights Cases

  • Bayer Corporation Vs. Union of India 162(2009) DLT 371

IPR Law:–

 Bayer company, as a substitute of submitting a swimsuit for infringement, filed an artistic writ petition within the Delhi immoderate court docket wanting that on account that the functions of Cipla, “SORANIB” allegedly infringed its patent, its (Cipla’s) advertising approval application beneath the medicinal drugs Act…

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Judgments On Intellectual Property Rights Cases

 Judgments on Intellectual Property Rights protecting infringement troubles, Speedy Trial of such instances, Spurious Drugs, Registered Trade Mark & Registration of a drug as imaginative. 

  • Novartis v. Union of India [CIVIL APPEAL Nos. 2706-2716 OF 2013 (ARISING OUT OF SLP(C) Nos. 20539-20549 OF 2009]

IPR Law- Rejection of a patent for a Drug which was…

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How To Build A Successful Education Startup With These 5 Key Elements

Ask a 90’s kid on what faculty schooling changed into like and also you acquire an innocent solution, “Books, homework, and occasionally get admission to too bulky computer systems is all we had.” Switch to the present and schooling without laptops, iPads, smartphones, and tablets appear unfathomable with the aid of today’s era.

In the last decade, the learning and…

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Hurdles In The Path Of A Startup To Become Successful

A Startup business continuously faces obstacles during its lifecycle. However, the type of limitations that a company encounters generally modifies as it grows. The barriers that a start-up business faces are specific from the ones faced via an established business enterprise. The mindset and the skillset required to overcome obstacles at an early degree begin-up aren't similar to the…

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Things To Remember While Naming Your Brand Trademarks

Your Trademark is your brand identifier. You can trademark anything from sounds to smells to colors to holograms. In essence, your trademark is just every other manner your brand is recognized in the market.

  1. Avoid Generic Words:

                         You shouldn’t brand your dairy product with the…

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Things To Know For Entrepreneurs Regarding Trademarks

Small business proprietors have a lot of decisions to make. From finding out what's the high-quality business entity type for their project to identifying wherein to purchase workplace resources, decision-making can be overwhelming. As a result, proprietors may additionally forget about, or delay questioning, approximately a way to shield their intellectual property. Registered trademarks can be particularly beneficial to…

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How to avoid getting an Objection on your Trademark Application

Often before beginning a business, we pay a lot of attention to the viability of really getting a Trademark effectively over the Brand name. Trademark filing and securing Trademark Registration is altogether a distinct recreation.

In case your brand is actually specific, there might be a chance that you can protect the trademark registration just within 7-8 months (but…

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Criteria for getting a Trademark Registration in India

Trademark registration is an imp mechanism through which a brand may be protected from unwanted use and infringement.  Trademark registration method in India has been simplified by means of the Government and Entrepreneurs can now effortlessly attain trademark registration for his or her brands within some months.

Any individual – Indian National or Foreign National can easily register…

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